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New Tenure Track Faculty and Lecturers

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New Faculty Support

Foundations and Onboarding

The FDC partners with many other campus units and organizations to provide fall foundations for new tenure-track faculty and lecturers.

New Faculty - Tenure Track

Important Dates - 2023

  • Orientation/Foundations Meetings in Pollak Library North (PLN) 130
    • Day One -  Wednesday, August 2, 8:15-3:00pm
    • Day Two -  Tuesday, August 8, 8:30-3:00pm
    • Day Three - Wednesday, August 9, 8:30-3:00pm
    • Day Four - Tuesday, August 15, 8:30-3:00pm
    • Day Five- Wednesday, August 16, 8:30-1:00pm
  • Monthly Support Meetings

Important Resources

New Faculty - Lecturers

Important Dates - 2023

  • Resource Fair - Wednesday, August 16, 1:00pm-3:00pm, Pollak Library South (PLS), Second Floor, Faculty Commons
  • In-Person Orientation - Wednesday, August 16, 3:00pm-7:00pm, Pollak Library North (PLN) 130

Important Resources

Additional Resources

Faculty Handbook

The Faculty Handbook gives you a great introduction to the structure of our university and to many important policies.

HRDI Resources

The Department of Human Resources, Diversity and Inclusion (HRDI) has compiled a list of resources for faculty to help you get started.