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New Faculty Monthly Support Meetings


If you are a new tenure track faculty member, plan to attend these lunch sessions held twice a month. These sessions will help you build mentoring networks at CSUF and will focus on important, timely topics not covered in orientation/foundations. Look out for follow-up emails from the FDC throughout the year with more details about these events.

Meeting Location and Times

Meetings are held in PLS 240 from 1-2:15PM.

Fall 2024 Dates

  • Tuesday, Sept 10 &/or Wednesday, Sept 11
  • Tuesday, Oct 8 &/or Wednesday, Oct 9
  • Tuesday, Nov 12 &/or Wednesday, Nov 13
  • Tuesday, Dec 10 &/or Wednesday, Dec 11

Remaining Spring 2024 Dates

  • Tuesday, Apr 9 &/or Wednesday, Apr 10
  • Tuesday, May 7 &/or Wednesday, May 8

Spring 2025 Dates

  • Tuesday, Feb 11 &/or Wednesday, Feb 12
  • Tuesday, Mar 11 &/or Wednesday, Mar 12
  • Tuesday, Apr 15 &/or Wednesday, Apr 16
  • Tuesday, May 13 &/or Wednesday, May 14