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Teaching Grants

Faculty Enhancement and Instructional Development Award

The Faculty Development Center (FDC) announces the annual call for applications for the Faculty Enhancement and Instructional Development (FEID) Award. The goal of the FEID award is to support faculty in designing instructional improvement which leads to increased student success thereby supporting the University strategic plan, specifically goals one and two.

Robert and Louise Lee Collaborative Teaching Award

Some years the Robert and Louise Lee Collaborative Teaching Award is also available. More information on this grant is available at the bottom of the page. It is not available in 2023.

Important Note for Previous Grant Recipients

Previous grant recipients must submit their final report using the Final Report Submission Link before applying for the current year. If you are applying and receive a message that you aren’t eligible, this could be due to the system not finding your final report. You can resubmit your final report by logging into the system and submitting. Once you submit, the system should approve you for a new submission.

Evaluation of Proposals

Proposals are evaluated on several criteria. Please review the Proposal Overview, Support Presentation and FEID Rubric below before you write your proposal.


Call Focus: Course Innovation

Projects shall address course redesign and/or innovation in teaching practices. Examples include:

  • Modifying an approved face-to-face course to be offered in a different approved modality
  • Modifying assessments/assignments within a current course
  • Implementation or expansion of high-impact practices
  • Application of best/promising practices produced from the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL)
  • Implementation of pedagogy for diverse audiences
  • Program or Departmental change
  • Interdisciplinary course modification or proposal OR collaborative projects

*For interdisciplinary or collaborative projects only one lead person should submit, but highlight how the work will be distributed.

Priority is given to proposals that:

  • Identify a problem, a need (provide data to substantiate using the FSSD dashboard, CSU dashboard, etc.) and provide objectives for solving,
  • Provide a clear plan which highlights the methods, activities and innovations being implemented,
  • Describe assessment of measurable outcomes of achievement,
  • Discuss the benefits of the project (for University, Department, Students and/or Faculty), and
    Plan for sustainability.

Eligibility, Compensation, Requirements, and Future Commitments


Tenured and tenure-track faculty (any rank), FERPers (projects for active semesters only), and lecturers with full-time contracts. A faculty member who received an FEID award through the last call for applications (a stipend for Summer 2022 or WTUs in Fall 2022 or Spring 2023) is not eligible to receive an FEID award through this year’s call.

Compensation for FEID

FEID Award Applicants may request either:

  • Up to a ($5,000) stipend for Summer 2023


  • Up to 3 WTUs assigned time for Fall 2023 or Spring 2024

Funding for FEID

If proposing a collaborative project, only one collaborator should complete the application. The application should detail how the collaborators will divide the award on the application budget worksheet. 

Operating Expenses and Equipment (OE&E)

Additionally, applicants may request up to $500 for Operating Expenses and Equipment (OE&E) funds (*please note that State Funds may not be used to purchase gift cards).

Brief report

Following the semester in which an award is assigned, the recipient must submit a brief report of the funded project by uploading it to the FEID website. If no report is submitted, the faculty member is not eligible for future FDC funding.

Future Committment

FEID award recipients may be asked to serve as FEID reviewers the following semester or year.

2022 Recipient Final Report

Final Report Submission Link

2023 Proposal Submissions

2023 Submission Link

Helpful Resources

The call asks for data to substantiate stated needs. One source of data is found at CSUF's Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Planning website on the Institutional Research - Faculty and Staff Data page.

Past FEID Grant Recipients

List of Past Recipients

Overview of the Robert and Lousie Lee Collaborative Teaching Award

This grant, offered only as funding allows, was established by Robert and Louise Lee in 1995. Dr. Louise G Lee (MS, CSUF, Ed.D., USC), 1920-2008, was a professor of education, the Emeritus Director of the Office of International Education and Exchange, and president of CLE (now OLLI) Award.

This award is usually $1,500; however, during the 2022-2023 academic year the grant dividend had grown to $7,700 and from those funds we were able to fund three collaborative teams (we funded 2 more teams with funding from the Provost’s Office). This allows co-instructors of a class and/or co-curricular activity either to divide the stipend or to work out assigned time.

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