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WAC LIAISONS - Recertification Schedule


The University Writing Proficiency Committee (UWPC) has proposed the following 8-year cycle. Academic units shall be notified of their need to certify or recertify courses one year in advance of their scheduled review year. If an academic unit anticipates a scheduling conflict or need to postpone Upper-Division Writing Requirement certification for up to one year, it shall notify the UWPC and Academic Programs immediately.


Cycle Academic Year College/Department
1 2019-2020 English Department and College of Buisness and Economics
2 2020-2021 Colleges of Health and Human Development & Natural Sciences and Mathematics
3 2021-2022 College of Communications
4 2022-2023 Colleges of Arts and Engineering and Computer Science
5 2023-2024 College of Humanities and Social Sciences (I)
6 2024-2025 College of Humanities and Social Sciences (II)
7 2025-2026 College of Humanities and Social Sciences (III)
8 2026-2027 College of Humanities and Social Sciences (IV)


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WAC LIAISONS is located in Gordon Hall (formerly University Hall), Room 435.

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