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WAC LIAISONS - Linguistic Justice & Disciplinary Writing

Identity, Writing, and Teaching for Social Justice: Connecting Values to Practice

Dr. Nicole Gonzales Howell was a WAC Guest Lecturer in May 2022. The video recording, three concise instructional videos

  • "Why Justice and Equity in Teaching Matter"
  • "Designing Student Learning Outcomes for Equity"
  • "Grading for Student Learning & Justice"

as well as other helpful resouces are all available when you enroll in CSUF's Linguistic Justice & Disciplinary Writing canvas course.

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Contact: Dr. Leslie Bruce, Faculty Fellow
Hours: Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm
Location: GH 435
Phone: 657-278-3155

WAC LIAISONS is located in Gordon Hall (formerly University Hall), Room 435.

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Mailing Address:
California State University, Fullerton
800 North State College
P.O. Box 6850
Fullerton, CA 92831


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