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WAC LIAISONS - Certified Courses


The University Writing Proficiency Committee certifies Upper-Division Writing Courses (UDWC) as either WRITING INTENSIVE, WRITING COMPLEMENTARY, or THESIS courses. This site lists the certified courses which remain certified for an 8-year period. Curriculog facilitates the course review and approval process.

How Can I Satisfy the Upper-Division Writing Requirement?

As described in  UPS 320.020, the Upper-Division Writing Requirement can be satisfied by completion of:

  • A single, 3-unit “Writing Intensive” course,
  • A single, 3-unit “Thesis” course,
  • or two, 3-unit “Writing Complementary” courses (for a total of six units).


Each major has its own rules governing how CSUF students fulfill the Upper-Division Writing Requirement. Students should check with their departmental advisors and/or TDA to determine which course fulfills the upper-division writing requirement in their major. For additional guidance and support, students can consult their advisor.

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