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Faculty Enhancement and Instructional Development Award 2021 Submission Link

Previous grant recipients must submit their final report through the online system before applying for the current year. If you receive a message that you aren’t eligible, this could be due to the system not finding your final report. You can resubmit by logging into the system and the system should approve you for a new submission.
The goal of the Faculty Enhancement and Instructional Development (FEID) Award is to support faculty in designing instructional improvement which leads to increased student success thereby supporting the University strategic plan, specifically goals one and two.
FEID Resources

Projects shall address course redesign and/or innovative teaching practices

Examples include:
  • Implementation or expansion of high-impact practices.
  • Applications of best/promising practices produced from the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL).
  • Multi/Interdisciplinary Collaboration, i.e., Explore Core
  • Implementation of pedagogy for diverse audiences. 


Priority is given to proposals that:
  • Identify a problem and provide objectives for solving,
  • Describe assessment of measurable outcomes of achievement,
  • Discuss the benefits of the project, and 
  • Plan for sustainability. 



  • Eligibility:   Tenured and tenure-track faculty (any rank), FERPers (projects for active semesters only), and lecturers with full-time contracts. A faculty member who received an FEID award through the last call for applications is   not   eligible to receive an FEID award through this year’s
  • Amount: Applicants may request either:
    Up to a $4000 Faculty Additional Pay for Summer 2021,
    Up to 3 WTUs assigned time for Fall 2021 or Spring 2022.
    Additionally, applicants may request up to $500 for Operating Expenses and Equipment (OE&E) funds.
    the following Fall or Spring 
  • FEID Proposal Support Presentation
  • Deadline: All FEID documents must be submitted through the FEID application website by the time designated.
  • Final Reports:   To be eligible, all outstanding   final reports   for previous FDC grants must be submitted (not counting projects still in progress). In turn, for this proposed activity, you must submit a brief final report by the end of the next month following its completion (September 30 for summer projects; January 31 for fall projects; July 31 for spring projects).
    • The final report template is located on the  FEID application website Copies of pertinent material (e.g., syllabus, assignments, rubrics, articles, links) should be appended to the final report.



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More explanation and specific criteria are provided in the rubric.

All application materials including the rubric, can be found on the FEID website. 


 Questions?   Please contact Erica Bowers and/or FDC staff at   fdc@fullerton.edu   or ext. 4722.  


 2021 FEID Submission Link 

Past FEID Recipients



This FDC-administered award was endowed with a gift of approximately $25,000 from Dr. Louis G. Lee and her husband, Robert H. Lee, in 1995. This award is normally given every few years and a call for applications is sent in spring along with the call for FEID grant applications.