Other Common Teaching Topics


Writing Tests

Have you received guidance in how to write effective test questions or format your exams well? Most of us haven't! Learn more through these resources.

Academic Dishonesty

When it comes to academic dishonesty, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! Use these resources to learn how to prevent and deal with cheating and plagiarism.


Well-constructed rubrics can streamline grading, provide formative feedback, enable self-assessment, and support program assessment. Learn how to create an effective one here.

Learning Objectives

Learning objectives are the foundation of well-designed instruction. To improve your learning objectives, use the resources here.

Summer and Intersession Teaching

These compressed course formats often require restructuring and different use of class time to be effective. Learn more about effective strategies  through the resources below.

Online Teaching

An entire department has been formed to support you in online teaching, the Department of Online Education and TrainingOpens in new window (OET). While they're expanding their website, we continue to offer these resources for those teaching online courses.

Affordable Course Materials

Textbook prices have soared in recent years, while options for accessing low-cost and free course materials have proliferated.  Here are several important gateways to more affordable resources.

Accessible Course Materials

Are your course materials accessible? If not, here are some resources to help you create accessible documents and presentations.

Flipping Your Class

Flipping your class allows you to act as a guide in the classroom and maximizes opportunities for in-class application, practice, and feedback.  Learn more about flipping your classroom.Opens in new window