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Equitable Pedagogy Module

The Equitable Pedagogy Module (EPM) helps faculty know more about who our students are and what evidence-based instructional practices have proven most effective at facilitating learning for students from diverse backgrounds and with varying degrees of preparation. 

After completing this Equitable Pedagogy Module (EPM) you will be able to:

  • explain some of the academic differences among different student populations and some of the root causes;
  • articulate the importance of equity-minded instruction (such as those strategies focused in the Equitable Pedagogy Module) in supporting the success of students from diverse backgrounds; and
  • identify specific strategies you can implement in your teaching that support learning for students from diverse backgrounds.

The EPM should display on your Canvas Dashboard. If it doesn't, login to Canvas, in the Canvas navigation on the far left click 'Courses' and then  scroll down and click 'All Courses'. You may find the course in the listing that opens. If you still can not locate the course, email the FDC at

Workshops Marked with EPM Symbol

On all FDC correspondence, including the FDC Newsletter, workshops marked with an EPM symbol enhance understanding of equitable pedagogy.