Professional and Community Service

Professional & Community Service

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Professional Service 

Includes activities that connect scholarship and service in meaningful and productive ways. You can serve your profession and discipline by:

  • serving on organizational boards or committees in your discipline

  • serving in an editorial or review capacity for a publication in your discipline

  • being a discussant of presented papers at conferences

  • organizing conference sessions

  • planning events that bring members of your discipline to CSUF


Resources that may help you:

Community Service 

Community service can benefit your students as well as your community, your department, and the university by fueling service learning opportunities and internships in the curriculum, modeling for students the application of knowledge to meet real-world needs, and expanding networking and mentoring opportunities available to students.

Community service can also inform your scholarship, particularly scholarship of engagement, which connects scholarship to the understanding and solving of pressing social, civic, and ethical problems.

As a faculty member, you can serve your community by:

  •   applying your disciplinary knowledge to address community needs
  • participating in educational equity and outreach efforts
  • serving on advisory boards in the community
  • providing educational workshops in the community
  • doing volunteer or pro-bono work in the community

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