Service Overview

Service Overview

Service is an important way that faculty contribute to the university, profession, and community. Through service, you can help sustain a tradition of collegial governance, build mutually beneficial partnerships, apply your professional expertise, and develop leadership skills and new areas of interest and knowledge through various stages of your career.

The CSU offers helpful introductions and guidance for performing many kinds of service:

  • Developer/organizer
  • Advisor/mentor
  • Campus representative/leader/elected officer
  • Community leadership
  • Reviewer/referee/editor
  • Advanced opportunities 


The CSU also offers concise suggestions on how to address common issues in service, including making strategic choices, saying no, balancing workload, and developing effective connections between scholarship, teaching, and service.

If you are a probationary or tenured faculty member, you should review the criteria for service outlined in UPS 210.000 PDF File and your Department Personnel Standards. If you are a lecturer, you should review the criteria for evaluation in UPS 210.070 PDF File in relation to your own work assignment and any approved department policies for the evaluation of lecturers.

Every three years, our Faculty RecognitionOpens in new window  event honors faculty from all colleges with significant accomplishments in service.