Writing, Presenting, and Publishing



The FDC offers and promotes workshops on:  

  • Moving revise and resubmits or rejects to publication  
  • Improving Your Presentations  

When presenting or preparing your scholarly or creative work for publication, you can also take advantage of the FDC's  graphic design services  for posters and illustrations.    

Faculty Learning Communities on Writing 

These communities are groups of faculty from multiple disciplines who meet regularly to work on individual projects or goals related to a common theme, such as  Writing an Article in 12 Weeks . These communities thrive on interactive practices and provide collegial support for structuring, writing, and/or editing papers and manuscripts.   For questions about these FDC services or for individual or group consultations on your writing projects, contact FDC Faculty Coordinator for Scholarly and Creative Activity Dr. Terri Patchen at tpatchen@fullerton.edu.

Developing an Effective Writing Routine

Manage Your Writing Time by  Minimizing Distractions  
Avoid the Temptation to Procrastinate by Structuring and Sustaining  Writing Momentum  
Improve Your Writing  Productivity  
Collection of Tips on  Writing for Publication  

Writing Cover Letters for Journal Submissions 

Composing a Compelling Cover Letter
Writing a Cover Letter For Your Scientific Manuscript
 (more broadly applicable)

Finding Publication Outlets 

Find Good Publication Outlets  

Recommended Books on Academic Writing 

Robert Boice,  Professors as Writers: A Self-Help Guide to Productive Writing , 1990.  

Paul J. Silvia,  How to Write a Lot: A Practical Guide to Productive Academic Writing Hard copy  available through the Pollak library.  

Helen Sword,   Stylish Academic Writing , 2012 Hard copy  and  ebook   available through the Pollak library.