If you are a part-time or full-time lecturer, the vast majority of the FDC's support services in the area of teaching are great resources: use our online resources on teaching and register for our workshops, institutes, and faculty learning communities through our homepage calendar.

You are also welcome to use our support services in the areas of scholarly and creative activity and service, if those suit your work assignment at CSUF or your professional interests and goals.

Check your CSUF email for our weekly messages, which include schedules of upcoming events and online faculty development resources.

 Do you have a suggestion for a workshop topic? Let us know!


  • Specifically For Lecturers
  • We continue to develop support and recognition specifically designed for lecturers. These include:

  • Recognition of lecturers for their duration of service to CSUF

  • Orientation and onboarding for new lecturers

  • Special workshops tailored to the needs and concerns of lecturers


    Go to our homepage calendar and choose the Tag "lecturers." You can subscribe to this tag to be notified when we add new workshops tailored to the needs of lecturers.

Note on eligibility: For some of those resources, your contractual time-base impacts your eligibility. FEID (Faculty Enhancement and Instructional Development) grants, Intramural grants (including Junior/Senior Faculty grants), sabbatical leaves, and difference-in-pay leaves are pertinent to lecturers with full-time contracts, but not lecturers with part-time contracts. Please keep this in mind when the FDC and our partners offer workshops or tips on preparing these applications.