Faculty Support


We continue to develop support and recognition specifically designed for lecturers. These include: The FDC supports CSUF faculty in all stages of their careers. Explore our site to learn more about the FDC and the professional and leadership development resources we offer faculty at particular stages of their careers and appointments. The FDC sends current CSUF faculty email notices about support tailored to the needs of new faculty, tenured faculty, lecturers and department chairs. At any time, you can register for a broad range of support through our homepage calendarOpens in new window .

Quantitative & Qualitative Research Support

Quantitative & Qualitative Research Support

For those at the beginning stages of a research program, Professor Kathleen Preston and Dr. Guadalupe Díaz Lara will review your current research questions or hypotheses and provide feedback on which analytic technique is most appropriate. For those with data collected, they aid with implementing techniques to analyze collected data and provide guidance when interpreting the results. FDC Faculty Fellows work with faculty across colleges and disciplines.

FDC-ORSP Quantitative Research Coordinator/Fellow
Kathleen Preston

FDC-ORSP Qualitative Research Coordinator/Fellow
Guadalupe Díaz Lara

Manuscript Revision & Editing Support

Manuscript Revision & Editing Support

For those at the beginning stages of a research program, Faculty who would like assistance editing or revising research articles or other short manuscripts can consult with inaugural Scholarly Publication Faculty Fellow, Dr. Carrie Lane (Professor, American Studies). Since Spring 2019, Lane has worked with dozens of faculty across CSUF to help proofread and revise their manuscripts for submission (or re-submission) to scholarly journals. She offers feedback on readability, organization, and technical issues and is happy to assist with shortening works to meet maximum page requirements.

OSRP Fellow, Manusript Revision and Editing
Carrie Lane

Support For Instruction

Support For Instruction

Have questions about teaching? Needing a moment to chat about teaching ideas? Looking to brainstorm about an idea you'd like to implement with your students? This is a time to ask questions related to teaching, LMS ideas, engagement, assistance with implementing activites, zoom questions, etc.

FDC Faculty Teaching and Learning Fellow 
Gina Harmston

Faculty Retention Support

Faculty Retention Support

Faculty at all levels looking to better understand how they can be successful at CSUF and to foster meaningful relationships with other at the university can contact our Faculty Fellow.

Faculty Retention Support Fellow
FDC Scholarly and Creative Activites Fellow
Terri Patchen

Support for Lecturers

Support For Lecturers

If you are a part time or full-time lecturer, the vast majority of FDC support services found at FDC Teaching are great resources. Take advantage of our many FDC workshops, institutes and faculty learning communities through our homepage calendar.

We continue to develop support and recognition specifically designed for lecturers. These include:

  • Orientation and onboarding for new lecturers
  • Special workshops tailored to the needs and concerns of lecturers

Support for Emeriti

Support For Emeriti

We encourage you to register for FDC workshops. If you are interested in registering, please contact the FDC, fdc@fullerton.edu to add you to the registration. We also welcome you to use our online resources. Emeritus status enables faculty members to remain active in their profession and in service to the university as an integral part of the academic community and a valuable resource to the university. (UPS 261.000PDF File )

The CSUF Emeriti Association promotes the welfare of CSUF, enhances the continuing professionalism of emeriti, and provides for the fellowship of its members.

Support for Teaching & Graduate Assistants

Support For Teaching & Graduate Assistants

If you are a Teaching Assistant, Teaching Associate, or Graduate Assistant teaching at CSUF, you are welcome to use the FDC's resources to support your teaching. The FDC's resources are intended to complement the teaching guidance and training provided within your college or department. We encourage you to sign up for one of our teaching workshops from our hompage calendar and use our online resources in the teaching tab.

Teaching and Graduate Assistants are encouraged to particpate in the FDC teaching and learning certificate program.

Support for Mid-Career Faculty

Support For Mid-Career Faculty

Several of the FDC's resources can help you embark on a new path of scholarship, complete a publication, develop a clear plan for promotion, or enhance your teaching in an environment of collegial support: