Accessibility Tip #1:
Why Is Accessibility Important for Student Success? Two Minute Video

Whether or not students disclose their circumstances, invisible circumstances exist. We can identify and remove learning barriers from courses, such as creating accessible course materials, so all students benefit. Watch this two-minute video from OET to learn more: 

Why Accessibility

Accessibilty Tip #2:
How do I provide a stable link or permalink to a journal article?

In the video above, Pollak Library demonstrates how to add permalinks to your courses. Permalinks are a way to include permanent links to eBooks, streaming video, journal articles and other items in your courses (which can alleviate the need to scan documents or fix broken links).

 Stable Links to Journal Articles


Accessibility Tip #3:
How do I format heading in written text?

Formatted document headings on written text are essential to students who use assistive technologies to navigate and read your content. This applies to PDFs, Word, Google Docs, Moodle, blogs, web pages, email, etc. Without formatted headings, your written text comes across jumbled together and is difficult to navigate for those students. These headings also improve readability for everyone and save you time later when making style changes to your content. This visual tutorial demonstrates how to use and customize headings in Word, Google Docs, and Moodle.

Accessible U Tutorial


Ensuring student success includes providing materials that are accessible for all.


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