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Outstanding Professor

Outstanding Professor, awarded annually, honors a faculty for outstanding teaching, distinction in scholarship and/or creative activites, and contributions to the University and CSU system.

Past Outstanding Professor Winners

2022 Dr. Sam Behseta (watch lecture)

2021 Dr. William J. Hoese (watch lecture)

2020 Dr. Kiran George (view flyer)

2019 Dr. Matt Englar-Carlson (view flyer)

2018 No Award Given

2017 Dr.  Binod Tiwari (view flyer)

2016 Dr. Rob Istad

2015 Dr. Scott Annin

2014 No Award Given

2013 Dr. Sora Tanjisiri

2012 Dr. John Bock

2011 Dr. Martin Bonsangue

2010 Dr. Marcelo Tolmasky

2009 Dr. Mohinder Grewal

2008 Dr. Stella Ting-Toomey

2007 Dr. Chandrasekhar Putcha

2006 Dr. Zvi Drezner (view flyer)

2005 Dr. Nancy Segal (view flyer)

Previous Years