Student Resources 

Faculty need to ensure that regardless of their financial constraints, housing insecurity, crowded living conditions, or other challenges students have the opportunity to succeed.  One step is to be sure that all students have access to the needed technology. This could include making sure all students are aware of CSUF’s technology loan programs for students (computers, hotspots, etc.). You should seek to affirmatively establish, without violating anyone’s privacy, that all students in your course have access to the needed technology.


To request a device, such as a laptop, webcam, or MiFi, a student needs to complete the “COVID-19 Related Device Request” form found on the Dean of Students Website. Students must submit the request for themselves unless the request is being submitted by a faculty member (see below for instructions on how faculty members can submit requests). Once the student has submitted the request, the Dean of Students staff will verify whether the student is enrolled in courses and will forward the request to IT. Once IT has confirmed the device request, the student will receive an email confirming approval and direct them to pick up the device. It is important to note the student should not go to campus to pick up the device until they receive the confirmation email. Students will need to have picture ID in order to pick up the device.

The Division of IT provides technology tools to help your students succeed. If you have students who need a laptop, headset, webcam or mi-fi for their classes, you can sponsor them by sending a request on their behalf to  or they may fill out a  Device Request Form.

Tuffy’s Basic Needs Services identifies and serves students who are experiencing an unforeseen hardship, emergency, crisis, or catastrophic life event. The resources offered by this comprehensive endeavor are designed to promote wellness and enable students to complete their education at California State University, Fullerton.

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CSUF Cares

The welfare and success of our students is our priority. Care Services are needed when students experience distress that negatively impacts them academically, emotionally, behaviorally, or physically. Distress may result in displays of different types of behaviors that raise concerns. Students in distress may benefit from a personal referral or other personalized outreach to connect them with support resources available on campus. The goal is to support students who may be in distress or whose behavior is of concern to others  BEFORE  they rise to crisis levels.


Report a Student in Distress


  • Identify your new expectations for students: You will have to reconsider some of your expectations for students, including participation, communication, and deadlines. As you think through those changes, keep in mind the impact this situation may have on students’ ability to meet those expectations, including illness, lacking power or internet connections, or needing to care for family members. Be ready to handle requests for extensions or accommodations equitably.


  • Create a more detailed communications plan: Once you have more details about changes in the class, communicate them to students, along with more information about how they can contact you (email, remote office hours, etc.). A useful communication plan also lets students know how soon they can expect a reply. They will have many questions, so try to figure out how you want to manage that.