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Online Teaching: Do This, Not That:

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How prepared do your students feel about this transition?



Check in on students and how prepared they feel about this transition:

This check-in survey  solicits information on how students are doing and how prepared they are for this transition.  Faculty could adopt or adapt based on the dynamics of their classes and students.

Responses can be sent via spreadsheet and email notification. Seems great for students who will be multitasking as home because of multiple responsibilities. Also provides information that could help faculty address access, equity and inclusion issues and could help identify students who may need some accommodation.

Five Tips for Making the Most of this Shift to Distance Learning:

From Inside Higher Education, “For the Love of Learning,” has five tips for making the most of this shift to distance learning.

DSS support:


Designing an Accessible Online Course     Designing an Accessible Online Course

Scientific Notation Software:


Labs Online:

LabArchives is a cloud-based product that supports lab instruction/workbooks and research activities.  Several campuses are using it, and it might be an option for faculty who are converting their labs online.  At this time, it is being offered gratis.


Virtual Copyright Office Hours:

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For higher education librarians, including at college, research, community college, and special libraries, with questions about supporting rapidly shifting in-person instruction and research to remote, library copyright experts are offering informational office hours via Zoom.  

See more Resources on Copyright & Emergency Remote Teaching & Research.

 Maintaining Equity Online:


Resource from SDSU

Maintaining Equity and Inclusion in Virtual Environments