Copyright and Cameras in the Classroom


CSUF Faculty Support Services guidance regarding “Cameras in the Classroom” (9/3/2020 campus email) for faculty consideration.

Four areas of consideration (alternate assessments, equity, privacy and disability accommodation) when using a proctoring service from the Chancellor s Office see    8/4/2020 CSU Memo from AVC WrynnPDF File .

For information regarding Proctorio, please visit Information Technology at it/services/software/proctorio

Syllabus guidance:

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Article discussing the pros and cons of Camera use, “Dear Professors: Don't Let Student Webcams Trick You” (Transforming Higher Education, 

  • Identify your new expectations for students: You will have to reconsider some of your expectations for students, including participation, communication, and deadlines. As you think through those changes, keep in mind the impact this situation may have on students’ ability to meet those expectations, including illness, lacking power or internet connections, or needing to care for family members. Be ready to handle requests for extensions or accommodations equitably.


  • Create a more detailed communications plan: Once you have more details about changes in the class, communicate them to students, along with more information about how they can contact you (email, remote office hours, etc.). A useful communication plan also lets students know how soon they can expect a reply. They will have many questions, so try to figure out how you want to manage that.