Introduction to Scantron: Assessing Student Performance Using Scantron Multiple Choice and True/False Tests 

This hands-on workshop introduces you to Scantron ParSCORE for Windows (XP), a free program that enables faculty to score tests and generate reports including the student score (roster) report, item analysis report, and score distribution reports. Student scores can be exported to Excel. Reports can be printed. Installing the software on an office PC enables faculty to view test results and reports from their campus office.

This workshop is repeated each semester and, if you cannot attend, online videos and handouts that cover most of the workshop's topics are available at

In this hands-on workshop, faculty will learn how to

  • Install and start ParSCORE for Windows
  • Create a new course
  • Add score columns
  • Auto enroll students
  • Scan answer keys
  • Score student tests
  • View and print a variety of reports to include the student score (roster) report, item analysis reports, and score distribution reports
  • Export results to Excel for further analysis
  • Access to a Window XP connected to CSUF's AD network either in your office, department, or at the FDC. Pleae note: Window 7 OS is not yet supported.