Creating and Grading Turnitin Assignments in TITANium

Length: 1.5 hours

Turnitin 2 assists instructors in identifying plagiarism through originality checking.

Turnitin assignments are securely and seamlessly submitted through TITANium to Turnitin compares the student's paper with the publicly-accessible internet, electronic databases, and millions of previously submitted student papers. Whenever a match is found, Turnitin highlights the suspect paragraph(s) in the student paper and displays the matching source(s) and text. This helps the instructor in evaluating papers for plagiarism.

During this hands-on workshop you will learn how to create a Turnitin assignment on TITANium and how to review the results (aka Originality Report).

  • Create a Turnitin assignment through TITANium
  • Understand the various assignment options available to instructors
  • Access the Turnitin Originality Report
  • Understand how to read the Turnitin Originality Report

The GradeMarkĀ® paperless grading tool allows instructors to quickly and easily provide students with feedback throughout their papers. Instructor comments appear as bubbles within the text of the paper. Students mouse over the bubbles to view instructor comments. Instructors can save their comments and reuse them in any student paper increasing efficiency. In addition to creating custom comments, instructors may use comment sets provided by Turnitin.

Instructors can also create, share, and use online grading rubrics within GradeMark. GradeMark is seamlessly integrated within Turnitin2 allowing instructors to check originality and grade papers in the same location saving time.

  • Add clear, legible, and timely in-text comments to student papers
  • Create custom comments or use GradeMark's comment sets
  • Create/Use Online Grading Rubrics
  • TITANium Course Setup

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