Turnitin.com Support

Turnitin.com is a plagiarism detection service available to the faculty at Cal State Fullerton. Students submit their papers electronically, and then Turnitin compares the content of those papers to over a billion other papers and documents. Whenever similarities between a student's paper and an existing document are found, Turnitin highlights those similarities, providing the instructor with an annotated document showing both the student's paper and the original source. This document is called the Originality Report.

Turnitin can be accessed directly within TITANium, eliminating the need to create a separate Turnitin account.  This makes it simpler for faculty and students.

For information on Turnitin, please visit the links below.

PLEASE NOTE: Turnitin Assignments cannot be copied from course to course. Faculty MUST create new Turnitin assignments each time they copy/reuse their course.

Effective plagiarism prevention requires a multi-faceted approach. For information and tips on preventing plagiarism in your classes:

Plagiarism Prevention: Policies & Resources