Academic Technology

The FDC offers both hands-on training and one-on-one consulting on how to effectively use technology to enhance student performance and learning outcomes.

The FDC incorporates academic technology by:

  • Using technology to facilitate student learning
  • Instructing faculty in how to use Blackboard, the online course delivery system, and develop skills with more advanced Blackboard utilities
  • Instructing faculty on the creation of custom multimedia elements including audio podcasts, video tutorials, online lessons, course banners, and photo editing
  • Using technology to discourage student plagiarism

Susan Gaitan and Catherine Dinh serve as the FDC's Academic Technology Consultants. We provide academic technology training, consulting, and support to CSUF full- and part-time faculty and lecturers. For assistance or make an appointment, please contact Susan Gaitan at 657-278-4725 or Catherine Dinh at 657-278-4720.

Summer Training Institute 2009