The Faculty Development Center is committed to furthering cultural competence among faculty at CSUF and to providing programming to support the needs and growth of our diverse faculty and students. The FDC’s work in this area not only supports CSUF’s strategic goals of supporting the success of our students, including those from historically underrepresented groups, but also the recruitment, development, and retention of a high-quality, diverse faculty, and the creation of an inclusive environment at CSUF. To view upcoming workshops, please see the FDC calendar below.


Each semester, the FDC’s Faculty Coordinator for Diversity and Inclusion Matt Englar-Carlson, Professor in the Department of Counseling, brings together a new set of faculty guest speakers and facilitators for our diversity and inclusion programming. Matt organizes a Tuesday brown bag lunch-time diversity series and faculty learning communities that address complex topics such as race, white privilege, and developing cultural competence needed to support particular groups of CSUF students.

FDC Faculty Coordinator Matt Englar-Carlson

Matt Englar-Carlson

Professor, Department of Counseling

FDC Faculty Coordinator for Diversity and Inclusion

Digging Into Diversity: A Series on Diversity and Inclusivity

This speaker series invites the campus community and guests to bring a lunch, listen to an engaging speaker, and build one’s cultural empathy. Attendees should increase their own awareness about the particular issue, gain fresh insights and ideas, meet other faculty and staff members, and learn some new skills to take back into the classroom or office. 



Faculty Learning Community: Teaching for Social Justice

Interested in incorporating social justice into your classes?  In this FLC you will:

  • Explore research, theory and practice related to teaching for social justice in undergraduate, graduate, and applied settings
  • Examine contemporary issues of equity, diversity & social justice in your discipline
  • Learn curricular and pedagogical strategies for integrating social justice topics
  • Develop a social justice-oriented applied learning experience, assignment, or module for Spring 2018
  • Receive support with action research design & IRB submission
  • Strategize with colleagues as you implement your assignment & evaluate its impact
  • Explore possibilities for presenting, publishing, and funding your work

FDC's Alison Dover Alison Dover

Professor, Department of Secondary Education

FDC Faculty Coordinator


This FLC will meet 4-5 times during the semester, with online support available between meetings, and qualifies for the IMPACT certificate.  Open to full-time, part-time, and adjunct faculty from all colleges.

For more information, or to reserve a space, email Alison Dover at adover@fullerton.edu

This project is supported through the Presidents’ Commission on Equity & Inclusion.


In addition, the FDC partners with other organizations and units on campus to provide educational events, community-building opportunities, and mentoring opportunities to support the growth and retention of our diverse faculty throughout the year. Our partners include:

African American Faculty and Staff Association

Asian American and Pacific Islander Faculty and Staff Association

ASI LGBT/Queer Resource Center

Chicano/ Latino Faculty Staff Association

CSUF Human Resources, Diversity, and Inclusion

LGBT Faculty & Staff Association

Office of Graduate Studies

Office of Research Development (ORD)

Researchers and Critical Educators (RACE) Opens in new window

SOAR (Latina/o Graduate Students SOARing: Strengthening Opportunities, Access and Resources at CSUF)