Writing Resources

University and College Websites to Help Faculty Who Are Writers and Faculty Who Use Writing in the Classroom

These sources have been collected and annotated by David Shusta, graduate assistant to the FWAP. Although FWAP does not necessarily recommend any particular resource, together these sites provide a wide variety of information and assistance. Please let us know if any of these sites become inactive or if there are others you would like to add.

California State University, Fullerton: University Learning Center

This site contains resources for both students and faculty, including on-line tutoring services, information about workshops that can be presented to students, links to various style sheets, and computer assisted help for writers whose first or only language is not English.

Colorado State University: WAC

This is the Colorado State University WAC and CAC (Communication Across the Curriculum) homepage. This site includes links to WAC, WAC e-mail discussion group, CAC research, WAC theory and practice, the National Network of WAC Programs, links to WAC and CAC programs, articles, bibliographies, and related resources, and links to online journals addressing WAC and CAC issues.

Dartmouth College: Composition Center

This is the homepage for the Dartmouth College Composition Center and has links useful to both writers and teachers of writing. There are links to student resources by discipline and writing situation/problem and faculty resources concerning pedagogies, teaching methods, ideas for teaching writing in the Humanities, Social Sciences, and Sciences.

George Mason University: WAC

This is the George Mason University WAC homepage. It has links to the WAC program at GMU and the writing center newsletter with issues available online back to Fall 1999. Links useful to faculty include teaching with writing, creating clear assignments, feedback toward revisions, useful “how-to” sites, and ESL resources. Resources for students include reading and the writing assignment, good grammar sites, online writing guides, citation and documentation style guides, evaluating websites, and using the library. There are also links to various GMU and national writing guides. Another useful resource is the link to the National WAC Network.

Indiana University: Campus Writing Program


This site is the Indiana University WAC homepage and has links to:

CWP Faculty Resources

This site provides links to several useful faculty resources, including course and assignment design, student tutorials, teaching resource center (Teaching Handbook), teaching methods, and constructing writing assignments.

CWP Web site - online article on Microthemes

The microtheme, the Swiss Army knife of assignments, can be put to many uses, and is merely a short 100-500 word essay in which a great deal of thinking precedes a rather small amount of writing. In addition to requiring less time for you to read, microthemes force an admirable economy on your students by forcing them to distinguish between the important and incidental and to choose the former. Individual microtheme assignments can emerge from particular course content or combined into a sequence of assignments that culminates in a longer paper.

CWP Library

Although the Campus Writing Program Library services are reserved for Indiana faculty, this link provides an extensive annotated bibliography of articles dealing with teaching topics concerned with writing by writing issue and university department.

Malaspina University: Writing-Across-the-Curriculum Project

This site is the homepage for the Malaspina University WAC Project. Faculty finding it difficult to include student writing into their class may find this site useful. It includes the history of the project as well as the history of WAC in general. The site provides advice on designing writing assignments and examples from 16 different disciplines. Common writing problems and possible solutions are discussed along with suggestions for grading. A comprehensive works cited list is included.

Pointers and Examples of Writing and Texts Across the Curriculum

This link connects to various departments within Malaspina University and provides links to sites with suggestions for essays and practical writing activities within the classroom. Links to 11 disciplines are included.

The Electronic Tutor

This link connects to electronic tutorials, which address a variety of writing problems.

Penn State University: WAC

This is the Penn State University homepage for The Center for Excellence in Writing. It provides links to faculty resources concerning designing writing assignments, using non-graded, informal writing-to-think exercises, responding to student writing, and helping students respond to one another’s writing.

Purdue University: Writing Across the Curriculum and Writing in the Disciplines http://owl.english.purdue.edu/handouts/wac/

This site is the Purdue University WAC homepage. It includes a history of the WAC movement and discusses writing as a means of learning. The annotated bibliographies include resources for class assignments, pedagogical theory, and writings on the use of WAC. This is a list in progress. As of July 2002, entries include Nursing and The Sciences. Each bibliography is divided into sections that cover assignment suggestions, classroom experiences, and theoretical background for WAC. The site also includes links to several university WAC sites and links to Purdue University Teaching Resource Section, the Online Writing Lab (OWL), and the National Writing Center Association with links to other OWLs.

The University of Minnesota: Center for Interdisciplinary Studies of Writing

This site is the homepage for the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies of Writing at the University of Minnesota. This site includes links to teaching with writing, CISW research (abstracts for CISW-sponsored research), and support for writing research (FWAP).

University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee: College of Letters and Sciences Edison Initiative
UW Milwaukee - L&S Edison Initiative: Writing Across the Curriculum Resources


This site includes writing across the curriculum bibliographies compiled by Professor Peter Sands of the English Department to assist faculty in making their courses more writing intensive. The resources are selected to help bring writing into the classroom in ways that support student learning, experimentation, and the mastery of disciplinary knowledge.