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Teaching and Technology Certificate

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The Teaching and Technology (TNT) series helps you explore the variety of features of Canvas LMS and its integrated tools, such as H5P and Canvas Studio, to create engaging and interactive learning experiences for your students.

Workshop Completion

By completing workshops in the series, you will:

  • Learn how to use Canvas LMS and its features to design, deliver, and manage your courses effectively
  • Discover how to create and integrate multimedia content, interactive activities, and assessments
  • Evaluate the suitability and effectiveness of various technology tools for achieving different learning outcomes in your courses
  • Connect with other instructors who are interested in enhancing their teaching with technology

Certificate Earning

To earn certificates in this series, you must

  • complete the Canvas Basics workshop (~2 hours) AND
  • complete a “Specialized” workshop (choices below)
    • Intro to Canvas Studio
    • Intro to H5P
    • Canvas File Accessibility
    • Canvas Assessment Strategies and Methods 

Note: All specialized workshops in the series will earn a certificate as long as you have also completed the Canvas Basics workshop.