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Qualitative Methods Certificate

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To support faculty in expanding their repertoire of research methodologies, the Faculty Development Center, is offering a qualitative methods certificate. This certificate program will position faculty to develop methodological knowledge and skills to design and execute a qualitative research project with a specific focus on ethical and responsive research practices.


Current CSUF part-time and full-time faculty and staff are eligible.

Certificate Learning Goals

  1. Describe the process of designing a qualitative study.
  2. Explain the influence of positionality on qualitative methodology.
  3. Explain how qualitative methodology can support and expand the faculty’s research agenda.

Certificate Requirements 

Required Workshops

All six workshops must be completed within two years to be eligible for the certificate.

  1. Designing a qualitative study
  2. Introduction to qualitative inquiry and coding
  3. Introduction to coding using Nvivo
  4. Introduction to co-design methodology
  5. Writing & reporting your qualitative findings
  6. Any other two workshops that support the development of qualitative methodology. This can include workshops that focus on learning how to use Nvivo as a qualitative analysis tool or workshops on developing data collection instruments/interviews.

Qualitative Methods Portfolio

  1. A list of qualitative methods workshops including the titles and years completed by the faculty.
  2. Drafts of the following documents:
    1. Qualitative statement of purpose
    2. Positionality statement
    3. Research questions
    4. Description of coding plan
  3. A list of 1-3 potential data collection methods and an explanation of how these will help collect the necessary data.
    1. Draft of one appropriate/relevant data collection instrument
    2. List of two other potential data collection methods

A 250–500-word reflection that:

  • Reflects on how the qualitative methods workshops will inform and support the faculty’s research agenda.
  • Describes next steps for starting a qualitative research project.
  • List of additional workshops or support needed by the faculty to continue to build on their knowledge of qualitative methodology and expand their qualitative research.