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Mindful Certificate

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The focus of this certificate is to help individuals grow personally and professionally by learning and applying mindful techniques to themselves and their teaching. Workshops will provide information on ways to improve your work-life balance through wellness, stress management, gratitude, health practices, and more. The goal is to help you increase your own quality of life, which will then create a more authentic teacher in the classroom.

  • To complete the MINDFUL certificate, complete 4 workshops tagged as "MINDFUL" in the FDC Newsletter emailed out each Friday. 
  • To be awarded a MINDFUL certificate, you must submit a reflection. Your answers must demonstrate reflective thought and provide examples for each question. Reflection link can be found at MINDFUL Reflection Submission.
  • Courses and the written reflection must be completed and submitted to FDC within a two year timeframe.
  • MINDFUL also offers resources in a Titanium Community. For access, email the FDC at

Mindful Certificate Earners

Summer 2019

  • Carly Cretney
  • Marlene Flores-Avila
  • Rosy Nguyen
  • Silvia Zamudio
  • Raelynne Hale

Spring 2019

  • Donna Bein
  • Rebecca Bodan
  • Amber Chitty Wilson
  • Rachel David
  • Bang Lang Do
  • Heba Elbably
  • Amy Essington
  • Gloria Flores
  • Maria Garcia
  • Cathy Higa
  • Joanne Hoven Stohs
  • Ryan Hunt
  • Chrystal Johnson
  • Manpreet Kaur
  • Bhusan Kapoor
  • Peggy Luna
  • Christine Mayfield
  • Olga Meijia
  • Lori Melendrez-Allemand
  • Marcella Mendez
  • Chelsea Rodriguez
  • Laura Ross
  • Veronica Rosas
  • Juliea Shriver
  • Duan Tran
  • Rohanna Ylagan-Nicanor