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IMPACT Certificate


IMPACT (Intentional and Meaningful Pedagogy to Achieve Classroom Transformations) Certificate

This  certificate addresses the basic pedagogical elements that make high-impact practices so transformative and guides you to apply high-impact practices to a new course or an existing course that you want to improve. By completing the certificate, you will:

  • Strengthen your ability to apply pedagogical principles recommended as effective practice for decades
  • Understand several high-impact practices - particularly ones you may not have experienced as a student
  • Engage with like-minded colleagues who want to energize their teaching
  • Develop a plan for incorporating high-impact practices in your teaching
  • Document your professional development efforts as part of the faculty evaluation cycle

To complete the IMPACT certificate, take any 4 workshops  tagged "IMPACT" on the FDC Newsletter emailed every Friday. Then submit a list of courses, along with a completed IMPACT Reflection. Answers must demostrate reflective thought and provide examples. Workshops and written reflection must be completed and submitted within a two year timeframe.


The purpose of this certificate is to further develop knowledge of high-impact practices and to discuss types of application. Participants will continue on their path of learning by completing Learning Option 1 or Learning Option 2, and must also complete one of the written activities below.

*Participants must complete the IMPACT certificate before starting the IMPACT SQUARED certificate. Workshops completed in this certificate must be additional workshops completed after completing the IMPACT certificate.

Learning Option 1

  • 3 additional workshops labeled IMPACT beyond those taken to complete the initial IMPACT certificate
  • 1 Lunch and Learn labeled IMPACT
  • Completion of the Written Submission assignment described below

Learning Option 2

  • 4 additional workshops labeled IMPACT beyond those taken to complete the initial IMPACT certificate
  • Completion of the Written Submission assignment described below

The Written Submission is required for all participants. After completing the other requirements, complete one of the following: 

  • Submit a classroom assignment that has been created or changed, demonstrating the application of IMPACT material
  • Submit teaching methods (lecture, discussion, activity) that have been created or changed, demonstrating the application of IMPACT material
  • Submit an alternative creative idea demonstrating the application of IMPACT material (this must be pre-approved by the FDC in order to fulfill this requirement). To complete this, email  for approval of creative idea before starting your written submission.

Submit a list of courses, along with a completed Written Submission through the IMPACT Squared Submission Form. Written submissions will be reviewed and feedback will be sent back. To be awarded an IMPACT SQUARED certificate, your submissions must demonstrate reflective thought and details.

Workshops and Written Submission must be completed and submitted within a two year time frame.

IMPACT Certificate Earners

Summer 2020

  • Mailini Krishnamurthi
  • April Franklin
  • Sinan Akciz
  • Anyi Hsieh
  • Shannon Takeuchi
  • Amy Buch
  • Chunxia Wu
  • Kathryn Wilson
  • Christopher Kondo
  • Hannah Montgomery
  • Ashleigh Louis
  • Masako Ura
  • Ying Roselyn Du
  • Kathleen Wilson
  • Gregory Whitmore
  • Karen Gallegher
  • Spring 2020
  • Ricardo Valencia
  • Lorenzo Armas
  • John Paul Marquez
  • Nora Castro
  • Sung Hee Lee
  • Gary Germo
  • Jennifer Grover
  • Ryan Bagwell
  • Emily Cheng
  • Sophia Wang
  • Vanessa Ferreira
  • Calli Lewis Chiu
  • Mary Lehn-Mooney
  • Amber Wilson
  • Wenlin Han
  • Portia Preston Jackson
  • Steven Nguyen
  • Carly Cretney
  • Miki Turi
  • Diana Sifford

Fall 2019

  • Diane Harrison
  • Lori Allemand
  • Rachel McClanahan
  • Lisa Winstead
  • Cassandra Kilzer
  • Mansour Abdoli

Summer 2019

  • Patricia Drew
  • Darren Banks
  • Susan Sy
  • Julie Eversaul
  • Raelynne Hale
  • Thanh Nguyen
  • Michelle Ramos

Spring 2019

  • Arlene Ring
  • Mugdha Yeolekar
  • Stevan Pecic
  • Kelsey Finley
  • Joanna Hynes
  • Kimberly Mundala
  • Jennifer Ferris
  • Cecilia Ornelas
  • Melanie Sacco
  • Malia Hoffmann
  • Rose Sakamoto
  • Manal Alatrash
  • Nam Ho
  • Melissa Base
  • Christine Mayfield
  • Jane Williams
  • David Plouffee
  • Taylor Cruz
  • Summer 2018
  • Yuko Okado
  • Silvia Zamudio
  • Elizabeth Mahon
  • Amy Mills
  • Barbara Malley
  • Sasha Zeedyk
  • Ginamarie Scherzi
  • Lorraine Thornburg
  • Kevin Wortman
  • Yingdi Wang
  • Sara Fingal

Spring 2018

  • Laura Arce
  • Randolph Baxter
  • Grace Cho
  • Ruben Contreras
  • Christie Cooper
  • Elliot Cross
  • Bridget Druken
  • Judel May Enriquez
  • Dorothy Flynn
  • Kristy Forsgren
  • Joe Albert Garcia
  • Christie Gardiner
  • Sarah George
  • Inez Gonzalez
  • Nora Griffen
  • Ellen Gruwell
  • Aitana Guia
  • Aimee Guichard
  • Caitlyn Gumaer
  • Elizabeth Lohrer Hall
  • Emily Hamecher
  • Selena Harrigan
  • Judith Harvey
  • Sonia Hirschauer
  • Darany Hoang
  • Paul Salvador Inventado
  • Michael Itagaki
  • Chrystal Johnson
  • Hope Johnson
  • Ricard Jong
  • Satoko Kakihara
  • Danny H Kim
  • Edward Knell
  • Gail Koller
  • Tri Lam
  • Tiffany Leger-Rodriguez
  • Lea Beth Lewis
  • Joannette Lima
  • Peggy Luna
  • Alison Marzocchi
  • Carol Metoyer
  • Monishia Miller
  • Kenna Molinder
  • Mahnaz Moradi Nargesi
  • Raymond Austin Nation
  • Amy Nguyen
  • Anand Panangadan
  • Nawang Phuntsog
  • Jennifer Ponce
  • Philip Quigley
  • Tisha Rivera
  • Chelsea Rodriquez
  • Rose Sakamoto
  • Parvin Shahrestani
  • Peggy Shoar
  • Valerie Sun
  • Kim Tarantino
  • Devon Thacker Thomas
  • Matthew Thomas
  • Salada Vann
  • Larry Wilk
  • Jillian Wood
  • Dwight Wynne
  • Xiaoying Xie
  • Rohanna Ylangan-Nicanor
  • Emeline Yong

Fall 2017

  • Lucia Alcala
  • Doina Bein
  • Nathalie Carrick Carlson
  • Min Choi
  • Sapna Chopra
  • Guadalupe Espinoza
  • Amy Essington
  • Sally Ann Giess
  • John Gleaves
  • Michael Groves
  • Cynthia Irvine
  • Volker Janssen
  • Benikia Kressler
  • Alice Lee
  • Maria Matza
  • Malgorzata Miklas-Kalczynska
  • Kathleen Preston
  • Katelyn Rawlings
  • Sherri Sawicki
  • Jutara Srivali Teal
  • Atul Teckchandani
  • LaTosha Traylor
  • Sachel Villafane
  • Shelli Wynants
  • Fei Yang
  • Jie Zhou