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Past FEID Grant Recipients

Expand the appropriate section below to view a list of that year's winners, along with a brief description of their project.


  • Lucia Alcala - Demystifying the writing and publishing process for underrepresented graduate students
  • Kevin Cummins - Incorporating Equity and High Impact Pedagogy into the Redesign of Public Health's Drugs and Society Course
  • Guadalupe Diaz-Lara - Creating an Anti-racist Community: Redesigning Parenting in the 21st Century, A G.E. Course, with a Focus on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (with Joyce Lin)
  • Jaya Dofe - Demystifying the writing and publishing process for underrepresented graduate students
  • Sara Fingal - Water in American Culture: A New American Studies Research Seminar Topic
  • Christa Greenfader - Migrant Lives: An Explore Core Course Redesign (with Susie Woo)
  • John Haan - Expansion of a Pilot Program to Develop Zero-Cost Online Course Materials and an Electronic Workbook for Students in the CHEM 315 Flipped Classroom
  • Javette Hayes - Enhancing Students’ Perceived Self-Efficacy to Employ Collaborative and Effective Behaviors in the Interpersonal Conflict Management Course
  • Alison Kanosky - Going Beyond the Frame: Enhancing AMST 405, Images of Crime and Violence in American Culture
  • Rosalinda Larios - Bringing the Individualized Education Program (IEP) back: Employing a Social Justice Lens to Re-Center the IEP Process in A Fully Asynchronous SPED Class
  • Sung Hee Lee - Redesigning SPED 433: Culturally Responsive Reading Instruction for Diverse Students
  • Joyce Lin - Creating an Anti-racist Community: Redesigning Parenting in the 21st Century, A G.E. Course, with a Focus on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (with Guadalupe Diaz-Lara)
  • Terri Patchen - Redesigning EDEL 315 to make it a more Antiracist, Just, Equitable, and Inclusive Prerequisite for Teacher Credential Programs
  • Michelle Pena - Antiracist Literacy in the 21st Century
  • Susie Woo - Migrant Lives: An Explore Core Course Redesign (with Christa Greenfader)


  • Mansour Abdoli - A Blended/Flipped Version of Math 388 with a Focus on Problem-Based Teaching
  • Gordon Capp - Bring the Pupil Personnel Services Credential to CSUF MSW Students
  • Daniel Curtis - Introducing advanced data analysis, coding, and data visualization techniques to the Chemistry and Biochemistry curriculum:  A pilot study in Analytical Chemistry
  • Juan De Jesus Escalante - Softening the TouchDesigner Learning Curve Using Novel and Engaging Pedagogical Content
  • Lisa Draskovich-Long - Creating New Cross-Disciplinary Course: Mindful Conditioning for Performing Artists for Dance, Theatre and Music Majors
  • Guadalupe Espinoza - Discrimination, Prejudice, Inequities and Resilience in Childhood and Adolescence: A Video Series Featuring Scholars from Underrepresented Backgrounds
  • Veronica Herrera - Preparing for Graduate School: Mentoring Students through the Application Process
  • Sarah Hill - An Equity and Social Justice Cohort for Incoming Transfer Students
  • PaulSalvador Inventado - Promoting Equitable Learning by Stabilizing Teaching Variations Across Multiple Sections of an Object-Oriented Programming Course
  • Portia Jackson Preston - Cultivating wellness as a core leadership skill in a graduate public health administration course
  • Janna Kim - Supporting Faculty Instruction of Student Writing Using an Equity Lens
  • Jin Woo Lee - Developing Socially Engaged Engineers through Asynchronous Human Centered Design Learning Modules
  • Carol Lundberg - Updates for EDAD 510 and EDD 611:  Collaborative Learning and Addressing Online Assessment Challenges
  • Elisa Mandell - Flipping the Hybrid Art History Survey (ART 201B)
  • Alison Marzocchi - Collaborating with a Local Bilingual Teacher to Implement Language Learning Teaching Practices in CSUF Mathematics Courses for K-12 Future Teachers
  • Ankita Mohapatra - Remodeling EGCP 371 into a HIPs integrated flip classroom design
  • Niroshika Monerawila Keppetipola - Designing an Introductory Biochemistry Course to Increase Student Success in the 400 level Biochemistry Major Courses
  • AngelaMinhTu Nguyen - Diversifying Graduate Psychology Research Training with a "Critical Approaches to Psychological Science" Course
  • Andrew Petit - Implementing a Course-Based Undergraduate Research Experience (CURE) and Specifications Grading in CHEM 120B
  • Penchan Phoborisut - Redesigning COMM 422 Communications Technologies for Inclusive Online Learning
  • Zia Salim - Improving Student Engagement And Student Success: Modifying An Interdisciplinary Team-Taught Course
  • Atul Teckchandani - CBE Interdisciplinary Internship Program
  • Devon Thacker Thomas - Revising SOCI 496, Peer Mentorship: Applying Sociology for Student Success
  • Gavin Tierney - Using Digital Badges to Assess Learning and Development in EDSC 440


  • Rachel Baker - Developing doctoral students as Just, Equitable, and Inclusive Educators through Virtual Global Engagement as a High Impact Practice
  • Todd Cadwalladerolsker - Covid-19 Pandemic: Exploring Health Professions in UNIV 100
  • Grace Choi - Creation of Social Capital Academy for Underserved College Students
  • Alison Dover - Flipping the Script in Math and Science Inclusive Classes: Using Flipped Instruction within a Culturally Sustaining Universal Design of Learning
  • Framework to Empower Diverse Learners
  • Matt Englar-Carlson - Social Justice and Simulation-Based Inference in MATH 583
  • Nick Henning - Developing a high-quality online course
  • Volker Janssen - Ethnic Studies Teaching Masters Pathway: Pedagogical Course Development
  • Rebecca Keeton - Data Structures POGIL
  • Benikia Kressler - Assessing Student Learning and Programmatic Coherence in Secondary Education
  • Rakesh Mahto - Hands-on Training of Hardware Devices to Undergraduate Student
  • Michele Mouttapa - Critical Practice: An Innovative Tool for Scaffolded Critical Thinking Practice in Asynchronous United States History Surveys
  • David Obstfeld - Developing and Implementing Specifications-Grading in Political Science 474, Civil Liberties
  • Robert Robinson - COUN 500: Becoming a Mindful Anti-Racist Practitioner project
  • Kevin Wortman - Enhancing Instruction and HIPs to Promote Best Practices in Developmental Screening


  • Mansour Abdoli - Design, Development and Dissemination of Online Content and Assessment for Math Math 338
  • Gordon Capp - Building Capacity to Prepare School Social Workers at CSUF
  • Robert Castro - Developing Public Interest Pre-Law Interships 
  • Ying Du - From number-phobic to research-savvy: Redesigning the Research Methods course to enhance learning and teaching effectiveness in training future communications
  • Christine Gardiner - CSUF-LECS Course and Certificate Development
  • John Gleaves - Creating Guides on the Sides: Cross-Disciplinary Redesign for Introductory Kinesiology Course
  • Sarah Grant - Environmental Anthropology for Precarious Times
  • Michael Groves - Implementing Flipped Classroom High-Impact Practice Modules to the Physical Chemistry Laboratory (CHEM355)
  • John Haan - Development of Concept and Problem-Solving Videos for the Flipped CHEM 120B Classroom
  • Zair Ibragimov - Improving Students’ Critical Thinking Skills in College Algebra
  • Sagil James - Integrating self-care into a course on stress management to promote student well-being
  • Walied Keshk - New Course: ACCT 504 – Advanced Accounting Analytics and Technology
  • Kristin Kleinjans - "The Economics of Inequality" and Beyond
  • John Koegel - Revising the CSUF Music History Curriculum for Increased Student Success
  • Sung Hee Lee - Redesigning SPED 433: Improving Digital Literacy Practices to Prepare for 21st Century Special Educators
  • Alison Marzocchi - History of Mathematics for a Diverse Audience: Improving Representation and Authenticity
  • Sinjini Mitra - Cross-disciplinary biometrics-based security course development for preparing the next-generation workforce
  • Linh Nguyen - Hidden Connections between Vietnam and Latin-America: Designing a VIET upper-division course on diversity and inclusion
  • Yuko Okado - Improving a Bottleneck Course with Open-Source Software and HIPs
  • Adam Roberts - Be kind, Please Rewind: Using Visual Media to Increase Student Engagement and Success
  • Melanie Sacco - Redesign of “Plants and Life” Incorporating 21st Century Biotechnology for Accessible Online Delivery
  • Zia Salim - Creating a Customized Laboratory Manual and a Volunteer & Internship Guide
  • Gavin Tierney - Youth Co-design of Adolescent Development Course
  • Lisa Tran - Practicum in Teaching History
  • Ying-Chiao Tsao - Integrating Counseling Training into Fluency Graduate Seminar: Authentic Learning and an Apprenticeship Model
  • Nancy Watkins - Educational Leadership Writing and Research Learning Modules
  • Jingdong Wu - Teaching the Science of Global Climate Change in a 100- Level General Education Course
  • Mugdha Yeolekar - Embedding a socially-responsive pedagogy in Religions of the World Course


  • Christa Greenfader - “Migrant Lives”: An Explore Core course
  • Susie Woo - “Migrant Lives”: An Explore Core course
  • Nicholas Huntington-Klein - Creation of Economics, Causality, and Analytics Course to Anchor and Innovate in the Econometrics Sequence
  • Volker Janssen - Applying History’s Methods: Developing a “History at Work” Course - and saving a Major
  • Carrie Lane - Coordinating and Growing the American Studies Internship Program
  • Rakeshkumar Mahto - Professional Skillset for Industry to Classroom
  • Lindsay O’Neill - Virtual Reality Design & Development Curriculum
  • Andrew Petit - Introducing High-Performance Computing and Big Data to the Chemistry Curriculum
  • Jennifer Piazza - From classroom to conference: Incorporating research dissemination into an existing research methods course
  • Chris Street - Quality Matters in Secondary Education Course Redesign


  • Jonathan Cornforth - Adopting a High Impact Practice: Peer-Led, Drop-In Library Workshops
  • Angela Minh Tu Nguyen - Addressing a Bottleneck Course with HIPs and Accessibility
  • Robert Davis - Music Video Production (CTVA 426)
  • Niroshika Monerawila Keppetipola - Redesigning Chemistry 423A Integrating Active Learning Strategies to Improve Student Learning and Success
  • Paul Salvador Inventado - Building a Programming Problem Repository that Facilitates Personalization and Timely Feedback
  • Kristy Forsgren - Creating Transformational Learning Experiences in Physiology
  • Sagil James - 3D Printing Technology-Based Undergraduate Research and Service Learning Experience
  • Julian Jefferies - Infusing an International Service Learning Component to READ 295
  • Ying-Chiao Tsao - Inter-professional education collaboration through high impact practices
  • Bridget Druken - Redesigning Math Course for Future Secondary Teachers using High Impact Practice Framework
  • Danny Kim - Incorporating HIPs to Prepare Students for the Job Market
  • Shana Charles - Transforming Health Science 349
  • Parvin Shahrestani - Biology and Visual Arts Collaboration to Improve Scientific Literacy
  • John Haan - The Chemistry Internship as a High-Impact Practice, Not Simply a “Job”
  • Jennifer Yee - Sustaining ASAM 230 by Elevating Service-Learning Field Experience through Collaborative Curriculum Development
  • Michael Groves - Physical Chemistry from a Biochemist’s Perspective
  • Satoko Kakihara - Redesigning Early Upper-Division Japanese Courses
  • Pamela Madsen - The Musician in the 21st Century: Creativity, Diversity and Integration of  Music Improvisation, Composition, and Technology in Music Major Curriculum


  • Yoon Han - Interdisciplinary Collaboration using California Drought Data
  • Laura Smith - Engaging First-Year Students in Linear Algebra and Mathematical Programming through High-Impact Practice Courses
  • Sarah Hill - Journey in Advocacy: Policy Making in Sacramento
  • Carrie Lane - Preparing a New Study Abroad Service-Learning Program in Denmark
  • Terri Snyder - Coordinating & Building the American Studies Internship Program
  • Mira Farka - Overhauling a Bottleneck Course: ECON 315
  • Wylie Ahmed - PHYS 211: Introductory Physics for Life & Health Science Majors
  • Lucia Alcala - Integrating a Service Learning component to Developmental Psychology (PSY 361)
  • Devon Thacker Thomas - Revising Research Applications (SOCI 485) in Sociology
  • Joel Abraham - Introductory Biology Instructional Modules based on Faculty Research Programs
  • Erin Hollis - English Major Senior Seminar
  • Hope Johnson - Advances in Microbiology - a new upper division laboratory course
  • Tara Suwinyattichaiporn - Quantitative Research Group (QRG)


  • Catherine Brennan - Modernizing the Laboratory Portion of the Upper Division Immunology Course (BIOL 424)
  • Melinda Pierson - A Comparison of Perspectives Around the Globe: An International Project for Preservice Teachers
  • Clay Sherman - Kinesiology Capstone Project for Students Entering Teaching/Coaching Professions (KNES 385)
  • Kiran George - Incorporating Augmented Reality Into a Computer Engineering Core Course to Enhance Learning
  • Juan Carlos Gallego - Subject-matter instruction through a heritage language: sheltered classes
  • Shelli Wynants - Facilitating Student Engagement in an Online GE Writing-Intensive Course with Peer Mentors
  • Irena Praitis - Developing a Concentration in Creative Writing
  • Terri Patchen - Hinging at the HIPs: Building Teacher Capacity via the High Impact Practice of Experiential Learning
  • Nicole Seymour - English 300: Analysis of Literary Forms
  • Shu-Chen Yen - Embedding a Highly Structured Discussion Board into the Jumpstart Practicum Courses
  • Jindong Wu - Strengthening Student Learning of Satellite Remote Sensing through the Utilization of Campus Physical Environment


  • Jim Volz - Redesign of Theatre Management Class to Address 21st Century Realities
  • Chiranjeez Kohli - Real Improvements in Student Learning: A Department-Wide Initiative
  • Matthew Lancelotti - Course Development: Geography of Marketing and Spatial Analytics
  • Debra Ambrosetti - International Cohort Cultural Experience: Japan (ICCE: Japan)
  • Victoria Costa - International Cohort Cultural Experience: Japan (ICCE: Japan)
  • Ying-Chiao Tsao - Developing Counseling Skills through Co-Curricular, Experiential Education, and Service Learning
  • Joseph Piacenza - Exploration of Additive Manufacturing Design Strategies for Commerical Food Applications
  • Nathalie Carrick Carlson - Including Undergraduate Research in a CAS Senior Seminar Course


  • Linda Kroff - Develop 3D Modeling for High-Impact Practices in ART 478
  • Laura Lohman - Redesign of MUS 462 World Music to Incorporate High-Impact Practices
  • Chiranjeev Kohli - "Core Modules Online+" for Enhancing Student Learning: A Department-Wide Initiative
  • Sinjini Mitra - "Flipping-the-Classroom": Creating an Enriched Learning Experience for a Data Analytic Course in Business
  • Atul Techchandani - Redesign of New Venture Launch Course (Management 465B)
  • Sharon Chappell - Developing Educators' Disposition and Actions toward Just, Equitable, and Inclusive Education
  • Susan Farrelly - Redesign of EDSC 422M to Incorporate Greater Technology Use
  • Pablo Jasis - Creating a Graduate Service Learning Practicum with Community-Based Organizations for a Diversity Course
  • Lynda Randall - Student Response to Four Collaborative Learning Tools in Online Instruction
  • Kiranraj George - Integrating Entrepreneurship Education into Capstone Design Course in Computer Engineering
  • Haowei Wang - Development of a Combustion Systems Course for Mechanical Engineering
  • Shelli Wynants - Faculty Online Disability Awareness Training: Embracing Diversity and Accessibility
  • Shu-Chen Yen - Embedding Online Modules into a Face-to-Face Course
  • Leslie Bruce - Incorporating the iFixit Educational Program into English 360: Technical Writing
  • Carrie Lane - New Humanities Course on Contemporary Careers for HSS Majors
  • Angela-MinhTu Nguyen - Applying Graduate Research Methods for Service Learning
  • David Sandner - Digital Literacy Studies: Briding the "Research Gap"
  • Jindong Wu - Enhancing Student Learning by Incorporating an Educational Global Climate Model
  • Melanie Sacco - Development of a Laboratory Manual for Plant Molecular Biology (BIOL448)

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