Based on the principles that faculty best learn to teach from one another and that there is more than one way to teach effectively, the FDC helps faculty learn from each other and works with each professor’s personal teaching style and individual concerns.

The FDC offers a wide range of services that includes:

  • Consultation on designing learning environments
  • Faculty classroom observation
  • Graphics design services
  • One-on-one consultation for faculty
  • Part-time faculty support
  • Teaching & technology workshops (see workshop schedule)
  • Teaching, learning, and technology assessment
  • Technology training & support
  • Videoconferences on topics of interest to faculty

Educational Technology:  

  • Workshops on educational technology
  • Individual consultations and support to faculty regarding the use of technology in online teaching as well as in the classroom
  • Faculty technology showcase
  • Advisory consultation to campus committees on the use of technology

Faculty Classroom Observation

To meet the needs of faculty members who are interested in receiving feedback about their performance in the classroom, the FDC offers a service designed to help them get that feedback.