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About Overview

What Is the FDC?

The FDC promotes career-long faculty development in teaching and learning, scholarly and creative activities, professional and service activities, and the use of technology in these activities. You can review the UPS document on the senate website.

Through its offerings in these areas, the FDC strives to:

  • Support faculty in different stages of growth and professional development
  • Support faculty in exploring new interests and developing new skills
  • Foster cross-disciplinary collaboration and community amongst faculty
  • Recognize and support faculty in their varied accomplishments
  • Support student learning by enhancing faculty development
  • Connect faculty growth to the university's mission, goals, and strategies

Explore the Website

Explore our website to learn more about the wide variety of resources and support services that we offer you as a CSUF faculty member.

Weekly FDC Newsletter

Look out for our weekly FDC Newsletter, sent to all CSUF faculty via email for more details throughout the year.


Are you interested in a workshop, faculty learning community, or other kind of development opportunity that you can't find here? Let us know!

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